fictive, not fictive
diploma work
mixed media installation, Leipzig-Budapest 2018-2020

In my diploma work Fictive, not fictive I realized an idea from Miklós Erdély as staring point. According to his 1967’s newspaper cake notion I organized an event, where the participants were baking a cake from Hungarian government-friendly daily newspapers.

This cake - Orange magic - The cake of the country - was my fictive diploma work at my fictive diploma exam. To play the fictive diploma committee, I invited journalists, who works for independent Hungarian mediums. Afterwards some more elements were added to the installation: through a personal story the absurdity in the operation of the university and an existential state of my family, who lost their home due to a foreign currency loan.

Due to the pandemic situation the diploma exhibition was moved, so these pictures are some from my diploma-pdf, where the concept of the work was written.
Fictional diploma defence,
performance / event, 2019
Due to the pandemic situation, the diploma defence of the Intermedia Department was a streamed online event. I defend my diploma work and thesis from 1h 20 min.
The elements of the installation:

- fictional diploma defence / video documentation
- a piece of a newspaper cake on a milking stool / the newspaper cake was my diploma work in my fictitious diploma defence, it was the cake of the country in 2019
- documents related to my university studies
- a quotation from Miklós Erdély; in English: "Originally art used to be the tool for magic fights against the ‘bad‘, destructive forces."
- the tent, which is not as new as in this picture, but torn
- ( my diploma thesis )