2023, “a degree used to be important”, AULA @HUFA, Budapest, HU
two-person exhibition with Lili Janca
photos: Julianna Nyíri, MKE
2019, Show and Try Again / AGAIN, HGB Gallery, Leipzig, DE
10th anniversary of the master program Cultures of the Curatorial at HGB,
space design with Silke Berg, Hanako Emden, Sophie Florian, Tim Deniz Heide, Clara Pötsch
2021, Galántai 80 - Memories of the future, Artpool Art Research Centre, Budapest, HU
2015, TIMEBASE - Time-Based Media in Contemporary Art, New Budapest Gallery, HU
curated by Miklós Peternák

photo: Juhász G. Tamás
2015, Art Has No Alternative (An Archive of Artists in Action), tranzit.sk, Bratislava, SK
photo: Adam Šakový